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Custom Coins Produced In 1 Week

That’s right – one week production on custom coins. We have discovered that there a need for casted coins with a one week production time, so we now offer this exceptional service. These coins are the exact same high quality coins that we produce each and every day, but with an expedited production.

One thing is to be understood, we do charge more for coins produced in one week. Custom coin finishing is a time intensive process which means special handling cost more. However there are customers who need coins and they need them in a week – and we are here to help. There are stipulations that must be considered when ordering your custom coins.

  • Production time is one week from artwork approvalnot when we start the artwork. You have to approve the finished design – and then the clock starts.
  • Shipping time is not included in the one week. Air shipping is available but fairly expensive.
  • Quality art work must be furnished. The longer it takes us to reproduce your art the longer the production time of your coins.
  • All orders must be prepaid.
  • Personalization is not available.
  • Coins are only available in Gold, Silver or Bronze finish – color filling is not available.
  • Special edging is not available.

To wrap things up, if you are in a hurry for custom coins we can help. We offer several levels of delivery times with associated cost. So relax give us a call and we can meet most deadlines without a problem.

One Week Coin Pricing

25 50 100 250 500
1.5" $14.36 $10.43 $8.45 $6.47 CALL
1.75" $15.03 $10.83 $8.76 $6.80 CALL
2" $15.90 $11.12 $8.69 $7.16 CALL

Other sizes and quantities available so please give us a call at (888)754-8337

Custom Coin Examples

Die truck SWAT Coin
Custom Community Coin
Sheriff Coin
Navy Coin

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